Swiss made, Swissness, kritéria se zvyšují na 60 %

Velké téma těchto dní je Swissness (Swiss made kritéria), které znamená navýšení podílu původu hodnoty strojku z 50 na 60 %. Nepůjde však pouze o strojek (jak tomu bylo dříve), ale o kompletní hodinky. Swissness bude platit od 1.1.2017. Více se dočtete v přiložených zdrojích.


  • Swissness 1
    • “According to the resultant proposal, “Swiss made” watches in future must not only incur at least 60% of their production costs in Switzerland, but in addition, their technical development and that of their movements must take place in Switzerland.”
  • Swissness 2
    • “In future, at least 60 per cent of the costs of manufacturing a complete watch (as an end product) must be generated in Switzerland – unlike previously, whereby this rule applied only to the watch movement itself. The movement remains important, however, as at least half of its value must consist of components made in Switzerland, and at least 60 per cent of the costs to manufacture it must be generated in Switzerland. In addition, the technical development of a “Swiss Made” watch and a “Swiss Made” movement must, in future, also take place in Switzerland. The definition of ‘watch’ in the “Swiss Made” Ordinance has also been extended to include smart watches in light of recent technological developments.”
  • Swissness 3
    • “Swiss Made is a powerful mark applied to some of the world’s best products, but what does it mean? When it comes to watches it will mean a lot more starting in 2017 and is being applied not only to the movement inside of a watch, but the entire watch case, dial, and bracelet as well. Swiss Made does not now and will not then mean 100% Swiss Made.”